10 June 2011


Dismissed Wooden Shjips before (bit harsh perhaps, just not really noticed them before), but this cover of Gainsbourg/Bardot's Contact (surely everyone's favourite 'alien girl gets injured in space and needs to strip for a mercury transfusion' song) has a loping, electronica feel, despite it mostly being gentle chugggs and spacey guitars.

The sounds could be switched - synth buzzes for the guitars - and you'd get something along the lines of Ekoplekz... especially the stuff he churns over live, the longforms rather than the snappy Robert Rentals. You're not believing me, I can tell. I'll stop. Just listen.

Wooden Shjips keep things very simple, letting the thin pulse of the original tickover while they spread psych smears to thicken it...

The original, with a video of sorts that takes the space girl theme and runs with it, as you'd expect. Jules Verne imagined this, but never told anyone.

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