20 February 2007

The Deep Listening 3

I've been getting annoyed with myself lately for not really paying attention to most of the new(ish) music I've been listening to. There are so many albums out there, to buy and download, I feel I've let myself get trapped into a vortex of excess (OK, that's normally a good thing) where the next album is always going to be the best one... an addiction to hearing as pervasive as any other (albeit without the cracked nostrils, gout and associated runny soups). So, for this week I've decided to listen only to 3 albums, all of which I've had for a while in one form or another and none of which I've really paid any respect by actually listening to with anything other than the dismissive ear wave which says 'Must get back to'. If I go out, these go on my i-pod. If I'm working at home, they're playing on the stereo. I'm going to try and keep this up - 3 albums or so a week which I'll listen to properly, try and learn before making up my mind whether I really want to keep them as more than just trainspotting trophies.

We'll see...

Various - The World Is Gone

Well, I'm thinking early Lamb at times with bits of this disturbingly (soothingly?) mid 90s (surely that revival isn't coming? Of course it is). The Wicker Man meets Dubstep styling almost pays off but, while I'll probably keep this, it seems a little uncessary in the best sense of the word and is perhaps best suited to being one of those albums that started things off. There must be better ways of fucking with your folk and maybe this'll help lead the way. Great cover.

Various [Productions] - Thuunk

Susumu Yokota - Laputa

I've only heard it once all the way through but so far it sounds like it ought to be the soundtrack to a David Lynch film about Drugstore Cowboys in Tokyo. I keep thinking of Elvis impersonators with their faces painted blue, for some reason. There's an oddly unsettling shimmer to most of the tracks, with voices drifting across and squeezing through holes that are surely too small for them. Recommended for you dreamers out there because this is like a little bout of moonlit hypnagogia.

Susumu Yokota - Light Of The Sun

The Fall - Reformation Post TLC

So far, this is a predictably mixed bag of Fall shards; the band seem tighter than usual (they do sound American) and there's an odd smoothness smeared across this that belies the 60s thievery, odd Kraut washes and balls to the floor rock n rolling. It doesn't sound like The Fall the last time I saw them and I don't suppose it'll sound like them the next time either. They guarantee disappointment and then illumination. Not sure about this one. Give me a week.

The Fall - Over! Over!

All Yousendit TheiDeathofTheAlbumStavers

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Stas said...

It's The Fall alright. I had expected something in the likes of Fall Heads Roll but apparently I was mistaken. Then again, the band's famous for changing their sound on almost every album. "The INsult Song" kind of surprised me.

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