11 February 2007

The Brotherhood Of Breath

Many thanks to A Pound For Brown for posting this 'legendary' Brotherhood Of Breath album, recorded mostly in Bridgwater, home of multiple bad tidings, burning Wicker Men, diesel-faced boys and monkey-headed girls.

I was trapped for an English Hour once by an old guy with a wart for a nose who claimed, through the waves of cider-gas and cyanide poisoning, that this was the best gig ever in Bridgwater and , since the Brotherhood drew breath and stopped parping, that things had inexorably sludged downwards, towards the sea and the mighty River Parrett Boar.

Well, I couldn't possibly comment but they do make a fine racket, easily suitable for fans of Henry Cow, The Art Bears and the like...

The Brotherhood Of Breath - Untitled Original (Live at Bridgwater Arts Centre)

A Yousendit Saliva and Asthma Noodleation


St Anthony said...

I remember this lot, they did some great stuff. Just about everyone who was anyone in Brit free jazz circles passed through at one time or another. I hear that, upon induction into the band, you were given your very own funny hat to wear.

Stas said...

A free jazz supergroup or something of that kind. Evan Parker played in it.

Anonymous said...

This looks really great. Is thgere any possibility of re-upping it? I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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