16 September 2006

Some things. Kinder. Oh!

I don't understand the feeling word at all. As in 'really really feeling the new Grable Horn / Derdereth split 7". I could be autistic, I reckon but the word seems all wrong to me.

Still, utterly unimpressed by the new Girls Aloud... the studied emptiness and vacancy has been supplanted by a terrible absence. It's trawl-pop, despite the vaguely Croneberg sounding early yelps of 'I've got to heal it up' (or something) - to me it's like there's just too much being done with too little sound, the 'Oh boy"s always sounded tired (and that was the appeal, the apathy, the backend emotions creeping over you like a rash. Or Drew Barrymore) but now they sound earthshocked and dead-eyed, zombies in Vogue, pistol-whipped into another appearance where the PA sucks in more air than it can push out...

As a guide, it resembles slightly a much less fun version of this.

All of this makes me think that perhaps this is a sneaked-out facimile (trawled from the X Factor carpet sludge) to spin the bloggers heads, while the real Girls Aloud quietly release the real next single...

Hope so, because this sounds like a mash-up, done 2 years too late for all the wrong reasons.

Girls Aloud - Something Kinda Ooh

A Yousendit Eye-Pop

Still say they should've released this. Or this.

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