26 October 2005

Girls Aloud - 'Biology'

is at Fluxblog.

As you'd expect, there's at least three new songs in this one - the title alone suggests a 'state of the nation' address to all girls...

Richard Dawkins has a friend in these fellows; wonder if the two could get together and release a single, perhaps one extolling the sociobiological view of determinism? Maybe in a Call n Response style(e)? Or else with Dawkins rambling through cut-up samples from The Blind Watchmaker and The Selfish Gene with the girls yelling non-sequiters from the back of the studio (Hey Cappucino! Go Moreno! Various stuff about leeches...) Surely this is an opportunity for the advancement of public understanding of science that shouldn't be missed... and you could get some great video footage from all that stuff about genetic leashes.

On the other hand...the way Biology appropriates the classic geetar-boy blues lick at it's top and tail says more than enough about the normalizing of gender than the somewhat sidereal lyrics - someone somewhere is sublimating the message: Men are so over, it's only a matter of time before the male gender is reduced to a boiling vat of swollen gametes...

(more than once I'm obscurely reminded of songs I haven't heard in ages...The The's Heartland...the version of Why Can't I be You on The Cure remix album - so much so that now both, astonishingly, seem to be about Girls Aloud)

The The - Heartland

To see what I mean, try singing Matt Johnson's lyrics with Girls Aloud in mind. It could be a great cover:

Here comes another winter, of long shadows & high hopes,
Here comes another winter, waitin for utopia,
waitin for hell to freeze over.

Or maybe I'm reading too much into this...

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Kent said...

President Bush should make November "National Eat a Buttload of Peanut Butter Month". What do you think? Can we start a petition?

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