11 September 2006

Palestine Meat Tales

Reply etc to KemperNorton sometime soon re: The Monks and their ilk (only comparatively sexually successful?? - hey! I was in like Flynn... No scuffing for me*)

But first this soundtracked a cycle ride today where a truck full of very bad meat, destined I think for the Dog Food Factory, spilled it's load over a small car and ended up causing relative chaos (actually, literal chaos - χάος an act of acute destruction and creativity), forcing it's participants into thinly veiled dervishes of discontent (the driver of the car, ballistic and bollock-eyed), spontaneous near-combustion caused by laughter (two schoolkids narly fell into the canal giggling, even with earphones in you could see their ribs would soon be cracking like knuckles) and semi-literate hiccupps of regret and self-loathing (the truck driver, picking bits of dead flesh off the windscreen of the car seemed to tourette himself into the kind of depersonalized state of anxiety normally associated with small children who think they've been caught fingering the cat)

It looked vaguely like a scene from a Peter Greenaway movie, one improved no end by Charlemagne Palestine's odd Wyatting (in the old sense) falsetto-in-tongues singing and the teaming indian drones that accompany him. I've had a few bits and bobs of Charlemagne Palestine for years now but never really paid that much attention to it - seemed a little long, whereas my life often seems a little short - but this really gripped me as I watched the above scene, making a kind of magical sense and symbolism out of the minor disaster, filling it with a meaning that I'm sure wasn't really there.

Charlemagne Palestine - Karenina Part 3

A Yousendit Droneating Diatribe

*scuffing was our term for failing to have sex / get off with a girl despite initially overwhelmingly favourable odds (i.e. she was at University; during an experimental 'stage'in her psychosexual development that somehow necessitated wanting to be ravaged by a floppy-haired twatmonkey with a nasty sideline in giant red hats and suits with babyheads sewn onto them; she'd just been released from a Catholic All Girls School etc)


kempernorton said...

Typical of you to latch onto the phrase " sexually successful" , Loki.

1 I meant " comparatively" in contrast with the romantic black holes that collected limited edition 7inches ( careful) and scored a Russell brand rating of minus several billion. You were still in the negative zone.

2 I meant Nye anyway.All those evenings we spent listening to Galaxie 500....Jesus.

Webbatici said...

Could you re-upload it? Thanks

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