07 May 2006


Been a while since I've mentioned unknown Yeovil band King Mong but I've just managed to unearth the sl(ur) non-remixed (i.e. shite) tape of the once-mentioned Elim Sessions (Stained By Falling Stationery).
It's a long file and it will almost certainly not be worth your wait but for King Mong completists it's the essential document of the only liveperformance of King Mong's original line-up at the Yeovil College Battle Of Bands circa 1989

19 minutes of semi-saturated clonk (the Warp 12"s were just a year or so away) and electronic thistles with a few tinny beats by the world's worst time-keeper. If you listen really closely then you can just about hear the aeolian choir in the background, hand-whittled by Raoul Revere.

If you listen closer than that you can just about here the King himself, throat singing to warm up before he was die on stage. As we all know, the King managed just a few seconds of singing before the plugs got pulled and this recording is of the intro, with band members entering one by one and beginning to play...

King Mong - Cre-re-trysophylinze

As far as the title goes, the only reference I could find was a line in John Malkin's (sadly not featured on this recording for unspecified, perhaps renal, reasons) diaries:

"We understood perhaps three words in ten but that seemed enough and with the sun streaming in, sending the xeroderma pigmentosums, the Solar urticariacs and the other photosensitives scattering in all directions, we bathed in a perverse kind of glory, happy that we were in the presence of greatness with every breath he squawked - Trysophiylinze apparently meant 'pertaining to an aspect of Horus' but yelled over and over again it became much much more..."

If you're remotely interested in King Mong then you'll already know that members of the band (the King excluded) went on to form Ix Tab(ulations), The Ungrateful Living etc but you might not have twigged that they also appeared on releases by The (Other Door) whose new single 'Hair Brained Fancies & Burnt Bread Rolls' is apparently out next week.

If the buggers get round to sending it.

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