07 May 2006

She Said

Helplessly, gracelessly insane but all the better for it. The fact that Becky Carter exists makes me happy to be alive.

(found via a blog out there I can't remember - sorry!)

Here's a song about her from Hasil Adkins, everyone second favourite mumble-hollering psychobilly loon. Well, it might not actually be about her but you can get ten heaps of Gist just by listening and stapling a smile onto yer face. This is Hasil's most famous track, made famous by The ****** and featured on the much-mentioned (by me) compilation : Rockabilly Psychosis and The Garage Disease.

Hasil Adkins - She Said

A Yousendit Staple Good


Cloudboy said...

those dead baby doll eyes - bloody spookier than trevor brown

Anonymous said...

yeah, those pics are SCARY

cheesemeister said...

Have they been turned into dolls??
Something unholy is afoot here!
I appreciate the link to the Psychobilly Loon, however!

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