10 September 2005

Antony and The Johnsons Again

I'm quite pleased that Antony and his Johnsons (in fact I didn't predict it at all a year or so back) won the Mercury Music Prize, if only because it draws a thin thin of pasty-faced solipsism from Current 93 to Coldplay but I wish people would stop going on about his homosexuality because he might not have told his parents yet.

And I think I liked him a little more when he looked like the bald guy from the Tyre advert that used The Velvet Underground's Venus in Furs and a lot of ball bearings.

Antony and The Johnsons - cripple and the starfish

from the first album.

Antony and The Johnsons - hope there's someone

from the second.

I wouldn't have minded if The Go! Team won though, despite my hatred of Brighton Bands - their performance on the night was excellently shambolic in a real, School Disco way rather than the rather more delivered shambols of the slightly pathetic Kaiser Chiefs, Hard-Fi etc...

Might check out that folky guy (click to listen to him talking to Judi Spiers - I love Judi Spiers) though, really liked that song he played and he's playing in Bridgwater next week I think...


Cloudboy said...

Yes I’d agree he looked more mysterious in his bald persona, that long hair keeps reminding me of that girl from the magik markers.... It's lovely that something unusual breaks into the mainstream like this, wish he performed 'Hitler in my Heart' from the last album though... Coldplay deserve a kicking

kek-w said...

Yeah, they've (quite rightly) just had one from the music press in the US.

Presumably they weren't Nu (now Old) Metal/Metal-Rap/Jiggy RnB/Emo/Sk8-Punk enuff for them.

Or maybe the mainstream muz-bizness over there has decided it's no longer fashionable for bands to be English (subtext: we need more American acts making American dollars for the American economy).

Personally, I think they deserve a kicking for the lazy, one-dimensional, bubble-headed, middle-class, condescending, pretentious muso pigswill that they secrete from their bum-glands. It's precious, worthy shite.

They also also deserve a kicking for all the bloated 9th rate coffee-table wannabes that have followed in their wake like sewage from an ocean-liner: Keene, Athelete, etc, etc. Wankers, one and all.

Sorry about that. I feel much better now.

Can't stand Anthony & The Johnsons, though.

kek-w said...
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Psychbloke said...

Mrs Bloke: "That Go! Team sound like soup..."

Mmothra said...

but I wish people would stop going on about his homosexuality because he might not have told his parents yet.

Are you kidding me? He has been doing insane drag shows for years and his songs are fairly upfront...I mean, "I fell in love with a dead boy"?!?!

Oh, wait...were you kidding?


Anonymous said...

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