12 September 2005

Ambiguously delicious...

irr. app.(ext.) - Perekluchenie

New goodies are ready for pre-order on the consistently refreshing Beta-Lactam Ring Records, amongst them is a new offering from irr. app. (ext). Those unfamiliar with his work are in for a treat as unlike a lot of record companies the label has been generous with their audio samples (only 96kbs though).

The sound is full of metamorphosis - the familiar becomes subtly distorted – odd shapes are maximised to scary effect and like his surreal scribblings the end result is a deliciously macabre world where predictability isn’t on the menu.

Hypothetical Tardigrade pt. 2-3.mp3

Wretched Density.mp3

Hypothetical Tardigrade 4-6.mp3

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