16 March 2005

Ghost Are You

I'm generally a sucker for Japanese psychweirdness and there's something almost otherwordly about how Ghost have lurked around at the margins of psych culture, spoken about in hushed, almost reverant tones but...

I don't know. I just don't know.

If you like mid 70s The Who then you'll probably like Ghost. They tend to suck and blow. They have a slight tendency towards fucking things up with muso noodling and they end up sounding like a guy in a beard's gonna start a 27 minute drum solo any minute.

And I get the sneaking suspicion that if they weren't blessed with Oriental Otherness (I know, I've bitched about this before...) and came instead from, say, Sunderland that their music would be altered in it's appeal.

Thing is, I like The Who in the mid 70s...the capes, the drums, the hair, the jumpsuits, the fist-pumping Won't Get Fooled Again ferocity... I just don't want anyone else to play that nonsense.

Ghost - Aramaic Barbarous Dawn

Ghost - Piper


kek-w said...

I think Piper's a total classic - I fucking love it...but it's the sort of thing that would really wind up K-Punk (nothing wrong w/ that, mind), but it's so blatant & retro-derivatively 'Prog' that it never even crossed my mind that it was, if you know, er, what I mean.

Atom said...

I just ordered the Ghost and Damon and Naomi album.

I love the idea of Ghost and their acid commune antics, but fear for my ear wax.

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