18 March 2005

Lycanthropy arr. Montacute House


Montacute House, early 1990s, 2 AM.

We've already upended a 70s light blue Mercedes and now P is outside the house, beginning to bay at the moon, half whispering, half snarling "The Pack....The Pack..." over and over again.

A wants out; he's already lost the tip of his finger to a misplaced feasting and now he's trying to run for it. I look at P, now rubbing salt fish on his chest, mixing it with the animal fat.

Someone, perhaps R, comes in from the darkness: "He's on the turn! Just look..."

B turns to me. "They were duds, you know..."

I'm not sure what this means. I look again at P, now naked and running in ever decreasing circles. Some kind of epilepsy.


"Yeah, I made them last night. I was intending to sell 'em to the ravers. Maybe the Bransons... There's nothing in them at all..."

I looked again at P, now a shapeless mass of distended internal organs, arms spasticking out in all directions, clutching at imaginary insects, hair sprouting. "But then why is he...?"

"The Pack... the pack..."

B doesn't know what to say. He can hardly hear. "You'll have to speak up! I can't hear anything over this frothing!."

"I said-"

But B's hearing everything perfectly. He'd just had a mad moment. Should have spotted that. "I don't know. Placebo effect? Or maybe he took some Mandrake. Datura even. No one really kept a decent watch..."

"Irresponsible parenting."

"Mm. Perhaps one of us should take a class."

P is now jumping straight up into the air. A Slaine salmon leap. He's trying to catch the moon. Maybe.

"We should probably leave."

A comes over, still holding his bitten hand. "I think he might have swallowed it. Ps such a fuckmonkey." A hasn't had a good night. Earlier someone had microwaved his coat, melting the thread and causing it to fall apart at the seams. He looked like he was wearing bread.

Ps ginger dreads look like entrails now. Perhaps it's just the moonlight. The clouds are on the move. We headed out, figuring it was best to leave him to it. His lycanthropy didn't tend to last the night.

As we walked away, P howling behind us and splashing in the fountain, Montacute House lit up with the flames from fifty torches and the peasants came tumbling out.

Circle - Alotus

Circle - Satulinnut


kek-w said...


Loki, you twisted, evil, brilliant genius ...

I've been toying with a Circle post for the last couple o'evenings. I fucking love 'em. Been buying an LP a week....

They're astonishing live. The nearest our generation'll ever get to seeing Can.

Loki said...

kek, i think i must have heard about them via a live review on your blog (could be another thing I dreamed) i don't have any of the albums yet - just a few tracks downloaded - any recommendations for an initial purchase?

the X said...

-Yeah, Circle rocks innit?

-Loki, i'd recommend Zopalki, Raunio or Sunrise for starters, but afaik they are largely out of print(?), but you might be able to get hold of'em second-hand!

-Also check out SF's Aquarius Records, they've vastly knowledgeable about every shade of kraut/psych/prog/obscurities (along with all genres imaginable aswell), as well as being a reliable resource for reviews, friendly staff, what have you...They've got 5+ reviews of Circle up on the web as far as i can recall...;)
-Also, i believe Ektro records (Finland) have links on their page to other Finnish record labels affiliated with Circle, and lastly: you might want to check out the online guide/link resource Phinnweb (link on my page) for every Finnish music link available, including these bands/labels, i'd imagine!:)

kek-w said...

Yeah, what The X said...

'Prospekt' is def. worth a check if you like Krautrock flavas. 'Empire' on the UK label Riotseason is pretty cool too. Some of their LPs can be a bit drone-centric, which is okay, but I prefer 'em when they rock out.

Yeah, like X said, you can get their stuff in the US thru Aquarius or Eclipse, and Andy at Riotseason UK seems to be importing a few of their LPs on vinyl and CD at reasonable prices (see the links on my blog). There should also be a link to Ektro and Circle the band (as opposed to Circle, my mate) on my page.

I've not tried Phinnwebb but that sounds fun too, 'specially as I'm partial to The Anaksimandros and Avarius too...

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Pharoah Overlord, their stoner/dub non-vocal sideproject. All of the Pharoah Overlord in print is available from Aquarius. The last few releases from Circle, Empire, Forest and Mountain were LP only as far as I remember (Forest might be on CD too). They have been verging into folkish-drone Comus-like territory. Lots of their out-of-print stuff is on SoulSeek. The most rocking IMHO is Kollekt - a collection of early 45's and EP's. Circle have a great entry at the Trouserpress website with a pretty complete discography. Just wish they'd tour more.


kek-w said...

Yeah, been listening to Pharoah Overload "3" earlier this week, by coincidence...

It's pretty good. Messy, Can-ish grooves...more spacious/less dense-sounding than Circle, maybe. With some lo-fi Finnish Out-'Folk' bits too...

ilya said...

You know, you should write a novel.

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