13 March 2005

Humchatter & The Fig

There's a humchatter at work, a sound that keeps following me when I go outside for a cigarette. It's been going on for weeks now and no one else seems to hear it....

It sounds a little like the great morphing drones that ebb and flow in the midst of an Amazonian quest; an unameable sound, a great primordial chatter that seems to speak the language of the DMT elves or maybe the sound that Dennis McKenna kept hearing in True Hallucinations

I investigated on Friday and found the source: a 3D metal sign outside one of the new College buildings which seems designed as an accidental aeolian harp. I'm going to try and record it because I think the architects may have accidentally discovered the instrument that'll spin heads in the tear-stained heat of Summer 2008...

Keep everything peeled.

The track today comes from a free compilation someone sent me ages ago and it sort of relates.

Silicon Soul - The Fig (Urban Jungle MIx)

a yousendit earfeast

No idea about Silicon Soul but this song rubs me up in all the right places, some of which I'm finding increasingly difficult to reach.

While the song doesn't exactly inspire devotion (it's euro-popular and little more), look beyond and in a little and you'll find what catches me: the clumps and clusters of animal chatter and homunculic squeaks that surround the song, the strangely lolloping freneticism of the drums and keyboard squirts, the fact that the whole track, even the singer, seems continually on the brink of collapse and yet strangely together and serene, like a mad Acid kid enjoying his own bad trip.

Yes, it's these things that attract me like a fly to a famine victim...

(It's okay, I paid a shed load of money to Comic Relief so my conscience is clear for at least another Tsunami - still can't be arsed to actually go there and help, mind you)

Besides, we have a rule in our house which you'd do good to follow: no song about figs can ever be all bad, unless it's sung by.....


the X said...

(Yousendit doesn't work for me, for some reason...:-(
(talking of sening/receiving, i haven't forgotten your stuff, promise, just been a bit busy/stuck in work-deadline-hell, will post it off asap...!:) // -X

Loki said...

high, er, the X... this may be patronising but you do realise that you can't just direct download the yousendits and that you have to just click on it and follow through to the yousendit site?

edgy said...

I hope you can figure out how to record the magickal sign (and share it here). I think that sort of sound is hard to capture - for one thing, the wind that's playing the tune will play a nastier tune on the surface of your microphone.

I used to live in a very windy place in North Texas, at the foot of the Great Plains, and the high tension wires would at times turn the whole town into a massive aeolian harp. It was a transcendent joy to experience.

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