30 October 2004

Folding Clothes Music

After a night of much mushrooms and mirth we've come to the following musical conclusions (quotations from my wife):

1. David Essex - Rock On - bass line like monsters gulping around the edges of the village, strings backwards and forwards at the same time; occasional visitations of car crashes. Jayne Mansfield's severed head is somehow related.

Why has no one covered this?

2. Coil - A.Y.O.R - still sounds like a hundred dancing jesters / Nic Roeg dwarves whichever way you look at it.

3. Orbital - Acid Pants - now re-defined as evil laughing gnome rampage (theme emerging) with 'very twisty in and outs'.

4. Minnie Riperton - Loving You - at some point she's electronically enhanced to 'sound like a jay jay bird'.

5. The Foundations - New Direction - has been somehow recorded with everything skewed to the right. This is perhaps what sidereal means.

6. Xiu Xiu - I Luv The Valley, Oh! - no; not ever, dreadful, 'like some kind of musical saw'

7. Cocteau Twins - various tracks - yes she has the voice of angels but 'why does she always have to sing in the snow?'

8. Kahimi Karie - Habanera - sounds like a completely different songs; possibility of corporate / Monarch mind-control subliminals passing through; the skewed view of Paris after dark night of Czech Absinthe and accordian playing / karaoke.

9. Anita Harris - The Clapping Song - 'thank God for Anita Harris'!

10. Spacemen 3 - Suicide - 'ideal for folding clothes'

End of notes and/or ridiculously childish attempt to return to drug-addled youth.


Anonymous said...

'Rock On' was covered - very well in my opinion - by Silverfish; lead singer Lesley Rankine also played with Pigface and later went on to form Ruby.

And yes ... thank God for Anita Harris.

the cap'n said...

...and R.E.M.,obviously closet David Essex fans (and who isn't?),nicked the 'Hey Kids,Rock N' Roll' line for 'Drive'.

deus|diabolus said...

Rock On was also covered in the late 80s (or was it early 90s?) by one Michael Damien, following in the soap actor/pop singer footsteps of Rick Springfield. It was...well, how you would expect things from the 80s to be.

GTTRBRKZ said...

Rock On was also covered in '86 by the Dave Howard Singers. Full details and interview here:

kek-w said...

'Rock on': total genius. 'nuff said.

Anonymous said...

Rock On was also covered by the Smashing Pumpkins...they almost expertly managed to capture the histrionic side of the original while completely missing the darkness that makes it interesting. Feh, to think I used to like them too.

Loki said...

Do I know jack shit about cover versions of Rock On or what?

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