11 September 2004

Derrida / Lake of Dracula / Berrocal / Jaga Jazzist

Today, I have been mostly misunderstanding Jacques Derrida.

Maybe the movie will help but something makes me doubt it. I think in later years Derrida'll pull a shock reveal and explain that it was all a DADA put-on, a bit of Hugo Ball Theatre or a Situationist tease intended to draw messy things into a messier perspective.

Or maybe I just don't get it. I'll keep trying.

Elsewhere, Swen has beaten me to the post with an article and MP3 on Jac Berrocal who I only know anyway because of the Nurse With Wound link. And 20 Jazz Funk Greats has been on a kinda Suicide bender for the last week and so far it's been really entertaining with some excellent tracks mentioned, including one of my favourite Big Black blasts, L-Dopa (which fixed me, alright?)
I also came across a band called Jaga Jazzist via Smart-music and I've been playing this quite a bit. It sounds vaguely French new-wave cinema; jazzy, blurred, a little bit sci-fi - a sort of gallic James Bond theme.
Jaga Jazzist - Lithuania

And then I dosed myself with some good old avant-punk skronking by listening to
Lake of Dracula - Biographers of the Flaming druglords
which, if you liked The Cranium track, you'll probably want to hear.

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