10 September 2004

The Cranium / The Primitives

The Cranium start hard and continue flipping. The best complement I can give them is that they sound like they ought to be Japanese. I can hear a bit of Melt Banana, a little Boredoms... You get the picture (If you don't, you probably won't like them).

The Cranium - You Pretend That You Depend, But Now You Are, Are You, Visible?

They start with punk, unroll it a little, file it's teeth to sharper points, add some smoke and mirrors to throw you off the scent and then get start throwing Black Dice down, expecting to get lucky.

They almost descend to noise but just keep it together.

Apparently one of The Cranium used to be in the much revered (but ever so slightly dull) Fugazi and another was in (the) Warmers, or maybe it's Fugazi and the Warmers as in Disco-Tex and the Sex-o-Lettes

There's also a The Cranium tie-in game called, er, Cranium which features a big purple brain. Get in quick before they decide it was a bad idea after all.

I guess my Revolting Cocks board-game might get off the ground after all. Just gotta get a decent licensing deal for all those Steers (the Beers and the Queers I reckon I could just drag in off the street)

You may know that recently I've been on a indie-pop nostalgia trip and during my vinyl mulch recently I also came across some old singles by The Primitives and i was struck not so much by the music, which was exactly as I remembered it, but by how drop-dead weird Tracy Tracy looks. She looks like one of those damaged-goods David Lynch Marilyn Monroe impersonators and you can imagine her at any moment stumbling bow-legged out of the half-light, miming to 'I'm forever blowing bubbles' with blood streaking down her hair like cheap dye. Really quite scary.

Still, Crash was a great breakthrough indie-pop single:

The Primitives - Crash

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Psychbloke said...

The Primitives! - a great band!
The only band, as far as I am aware, who, after the gig, gave the audience a lift home!

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