10 September 2004

Guitar Wolf /

I just can't resist some down n dirty rock n roll and Guitar Wolf push all the right buttons, even if sometimes they don't manage to push them in quite the right order. I first heard them on some late-night TV show about Japanese rock and roll and then they cropped up with a completely spazzed version of Summertime Blues on the Rough Trade Shops Rock N Roll Vol 1 where they grumbled and fuzzed their way through a song that not even Sid Vicious could fuck up too bad.

Awesome, loud, silly, scary, leathery and rockin like a trouser full of snakes.

Guitar Wolf - After School Thunder

Apparently a tribute album to Guitar Wolf is due any day now. It features Lightning Bolt, Jim O Rourke, The Blues Explosion and some others I've forgotten but probably like.

BTW: does anyone know if it's true that the guy who wrote My Way actually preferred Sid's version to Frank's?


Jeff said...

they were on adam and joe, and that were fantastic - I had them on my mentally pencilled to-post list, but youv'e beat me to it...;)

Tyler Fedchuk and Paul Devro said...

Paul Anka wrote My Way, he's a canadian so I heard a story about the song My Way on the CBC (canadas version of the bbc) a couple of weeks ago and this Paul Anka cat said that Sid Viscous' version honestly reflected the meaning of the song or something like that. That sid performed My Way the way it was supposed to be done with a swagger and all that.

Loki said...

cheers Tyler..always figured i dreamt that

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