11 September 2004


The best moment in the morph from techno to jungle/drum n bass in the clubs was watching hardcore technoheads trying to march their way in time to junglist rhythms. Soerm of them got as twisted as all those 40 year old five-a-side footie guys trying to do that Rivaldo reverse pass.

Before that it was watching acid-burned wiggly armed acid-house fans bouncing off all the rows of Nazi Rally Jane Fonda fan marching speed hardcore-techno freaks.

Somehow I always did the wrong drugs.

Dillinja - Grimey


Indigo_Skye said...

Great blog
you have incredible taste in music.
Finally,I am not bored

Loki said...

thankyou very much Indigo...that's not the Indigo Skye who won the Seventh Annual Minnesota 'Field of the Cloth of Gold' Dirt Sewing Competition is it?

Owen said...

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