31 August 2004

This Mortal Coil / Cobra Killers

I bought This Mortal Coil's It'll End in Tears at a time when I'd regularly buy records from Acorn in Yeovil solely on the basis of their cover art, mostly because birthday present record vouchers couldn't be redeemed for cakes, crossbows or anabolic steroids.

I've found a number of artists in this way: The Birthday Party, Swans, The Cramps (though I had the Off The Bone poster well before I actually owned any records), Current 93, The Cocteau Twins (though an article in Smash Hits already had me curious), The Triffids, Laibaich and so on...

And when I got home and put it on, It'll End in Tears instantly became one of my favourite records. It's beautiful, depressing and slightly irregular (which pretty much summed up how I thought about myself at the time). This is the most famous track off the album and most of you will already own this but what the hell:

Song to a Siren

This album got me into all kinds of other stuff: Big Star, Dead Can Dance, Colourbox, Modern English, Cindytalk, Tim Buckley, The Wolfgang Press and so on...

I wouldn't bother with the other This Mortal Coil Albums though; they're crap.

Nice covers though.

If all that ethereal melancholy is just too much then maybe these girls are the antidote. I bet they hate Tim Buckley.

Cobra Killers have somehow passed me by but I can't think for the life of me why i haven't noticed them before.

They play a sexy/seedy 'Peaches' like brand of bad tempered sweetness; electro-garage probably (i'm worse than bad with genres), like a CocoRosie who missed the blues right out of the musical timeline and headed straight for the gutter-trash postmodernism of The Cramps. Just 2 girls and a sampler getting wet n wild via an updating of the tired riot grrl scene (which was always more about hairclips than fury) complete with theatrical live shows, confrontational stances (as opposed to Len Ganley ones) and bad attitude.

Lovely girls, I'm sure.

Let's Have a Problem


Anonymous said...

Just out of curiosity, have you heard Ratty's "Sunrise (Here I Am)"? It's your basic full-on trance banger, but the breakdown is a female vocalist (definitely not Liz Fraser) singing the first verse of "Song To A Siren", and then reprising the "Here I am..." line through the remainder of the song. Not to mention MESSIAH's notorious "Temple Of Dreams", which I think is definitely sampling the original TMC song.

I just thought I would mention those. I like playing "spot the bunny". It happens when you have worked in a record shop for a number of years. (And I love "It'll End in Tears" too.)

Anonymous said...

WTF? I didn't get Siren and it lists on winamp as Moodflow.com....song being Just Imagine and the ID tag says the same.

WHY do you mp3 bloggers do this. Nothing is ever named correctly and the id tags are ignored.

Idiot's guide is right.

Anonymous said...

Link does not point to Song to the Siren.

Loki said...

oops...don't know why the siren track has gone wrong...must have moved from it's location...(i don't host...)I'll try and fix it...

and, anonymous, get a grip matey...I know when this happens it can be annoying but it's not ALL about getting free music...

BTW, did anyone manage to download the Furious Pig track? i tried something different there but I can't work out if other people can download it...

Spoilt Victorian Child said...

I tried to get the Furious Pig track a few days ago but couldn't... was going to go back to it later but forgot, sorry.
Just checked again and still can't get it.
And anon. Why get so worked up...? these things happen from time to time, it's no biggie.


Psychbloke said...

Hey Mr Anon. - isn't it really annoying that something totally free, provided for, like, no material gain by a complete stranger , out of the kindness of his own heart, like, occasionally, doesn't work....?
Mr Loki is neglecting his family and professional responsibilities and barely maintaining his standards of health and hygiene in the pursuit of blogging excellence.......
I say 'pah!' and 'pah!' again to you good sir....

Anonymous said...

fwiw, it's Cobra Killer, not Cobra Killers ... but they rule all the same!

yet another indie disco said...

you should see these girls live. they are just totally a w e s o m e and a real live-disaster. their first record was pretty rough and in most parts different from their current 76/77...

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