01 September 2004

Indie-Pop Update / John Cage 4'33"


The Indie-Pages (keeping C86 Alive) has a feature on The Subway Organisation, with some tracks by The Charlottes, The Rosehips and The Chesterfields 'Ask Johnny Dee' all downloadable in ogg format...

Why weren't The Chesterfields on the Rough Trade comp? Mystery? Sleaze? Conspiracy? Oversight? Ignorance? Obesity?

Davey Chesterfield (R.I.P.) will be turning in his grave.

Just read about this: does anyone know if this rumour is true?

"...apparently Richard Clayderman, grinning pianist to the stars,
is to include John Cage's 4'33"
in the set list of his comeback world tour...."

I hope it's true don't you? Just imagine his little face...

Speaking of monsters, why don't you check out the awesome Monsterblog a tribute of sorts to the genius of Jack Kirby whose collected Mister Miracle I'm sort of reading at the moment(translation: it's in the bathroom cupboard).

BTW I think the This Mortal Coil track is now fixed. Let me know if it isn't.

And try and be polite.

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