29 August 2004


As Donnie and Marie said: 'a little bit punky, a little bit ooh progressive rock'

Japanese punkprog-melts Ruins have been lurching around for years now and they've pretty much stuck to their guns; tweaking their sound and shuddering off in other directions but always keeping a firm focus on drums and bass and Godzilla dynamics.

Imagine a guitar-less Therapy after they'd all died in a Legionnaire's outbreak, been re-animated, stored in a vat of rum molasses, fed raw electricity through bolts in their thumbs, made to eat only mint-cake and 1918 cola and then hypnotised into thinking that human language is something only for the weak. Turn the volume up full and you have Ruins.

C'mon, you must remember Therapy. They were big a few years back. Not any good, admittedly, but big.

Anyway; Ruins. Light the blue touch paper and then retire.

Ruins - Etymology

Ruins - Praha in spring (remix)

Ruins - Outburn (remix)

Ruins - Refusal Fossil

Unrelated, but I suppose a thanks is in order to Swen's Wire Weblog for all the traffic though I was very disappointed to find the Autechre tracks he had posted were just a link to my site (I'd already had in mind that Swen had put together a set of ultra-rare album out-takes and limited release 10"). Still, I'm sure some people are only reading this because of Swen so...

Also at antville Totally Fuzzy has some great links at the moment, including live tracks by Can, an Aphex mix and Diplo's Breezeblock set so if Ruins set your teeth on edge (they do mine but I like it) go there instead.

Cheers also to the ever cynical Psychbloke for telling me about The Incredible Hulk Blog and The Green Arrow Blog
which as far as I can work out are entirely genuine.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the positive post on Rummage Through The Crevices... You're my first non-Aussie correspondent... Love your site (Cool Ruins entry!) Will definitely be keeping a track of what you what comes up on your site in the future.

edgy said...

thanks for the Ruins. I dig 'em. I don't know what epitonic is on about with all that 'challenging' nonsense. It's lovely. But maybe it's because I was into Yes and all that before punk came along. Did you ever hear Relayer?

Loki said...

no...but i was talking about Yes with a friend the other day... I decided he could stay my friend, just until I get some better ones...LOL

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