29 August 2004

Secret Mommy are Machine Elves / Tarantino Blog

I came across Secret Mommy via a blog I can't remember and can't right now be bothered to try and find. Sorry, if it was yours and please feel free to slag me off in the comments. I deserve it in almost every way.

Still, you ought to give them a listen because they mine a source of soupy glitchiness that almost ends in disaster everytime but somehow manages to cling precariously to order and progression and tunefulness. The music has a lightness to it that somehow makes me think of a hundred salvia-slewed machine-elves running their tiny feet off to catch the last train. To Weymouth.

They (there's probably only one, let's face it; people with this much time on their hands don't have any friends) manage to be simultaneously disrespectful and polite, as if their frantic headlong mash-ups are really supposed to be beautiful spinning tops designed for the pleasure and amusement of the sampled artists.

The aural equivalent of being sworn at in Latin.

Secret Mommy - drop shadow

Secret Mommy - an apple a day...

Secret Mommy - Save as

Just found the blog where I found this -
3hive . Obviously, you can still swear in the comments box if you see fit, have tourettes etc.

You may also want to check out Quentin Tarantino's Blog. Yeah, it's probably fake but I can't see how this matters. I mean, I'm pretty sure I'm not who I say I am but I can't see how this invalidates everything that I write. It's words people and as far as I can see they're not sacred...that kind of thinking is how we get lead down the whole 'authenticity' blind alley...

Personally, I hope it is him, or if it isn't I hope he guest appears as someone else (maybe Roger Avary?).

I never believed Quentin Tarantino actually wrote those scripts anyway. I've got a fair amount of evidence to point towards a certain William Shakespare who's been using video store clerks to front his operations as far back as 1583 when his daughter Susanna was born and his wife told him to stop going to all the wrap parties...

I mean... Come on...Kill Bill? How obvious does he have to be?


Republic of Replicants said...

I now have another favorite Blog...

Tarantino, himself..?
Maybe. Just... maybe...


Kelly said...

you posted on my blog in reference to a quote, that's from the movie Office Space, yes with Jennifer Aniston. and hey- i like her as an actress. and that movie kicks ass!

Psychbloke said...

Of course it's Tarantino.

Just like this one really is The Hulk:

And this one really is the Green Arrow:

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