08 August 2004

Sunburned Hand of the Man / The Album Leaf

Sunburned Hand of the Man are never the easiest band to pin down; most of the things I've heard from this band sound like they come from different sources and maybe that's the joke; sometimes they sound a little Animal Collective, at others more like Jackie O Motherfucker, occasionally like The Blithe Sons and (very rarely) like a Bonnie Prince Billie out-take.

This one sounds the same:

Sunburned Hand of the Man - Untitled from their self titled (bootleg) album.

The Black Heart Procession always make me think of peyote frazzled cowboys with retinal sun damage and guitars that are fatter than they are. The Album Leaf is a spin-off of sorts with Jimmy LaVelle getting melancholically groovey all over this. It's still a procession but it's air-light and fragile as hell.

The Album Leaf - On your Way

There's also a good collection of field recordings to be found at Jarra Schirris; from jungle noise to Indonesion Moon rituals and beyond. Soothing stuff which years ago would have found a natural home in the middle of a Sub Rosa compilation and now probably just stirs about on the net making people feel queasy about only going to Butlins.

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kek-w said...

Interviewed John Maloney of Sunburned earlier in the year for a Dazed & Confused piece that never quite happened...he's a fascinating guy and they're an utterly amazing band...can't recommend them enough: 'Raw Wood' is one of my favourite LPs of this year. Missed 'em both times when they played last year and (again) this year due to various child-care issues (oh, the responsibility of parenthood).

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