08 August 2004


I know almost nothing about this band except that they come from Japan.

They sound not unlike Deerhoof mixing it up with Can, Bauhaus, the soundtrack to Bagpuss, late Miles Davis, Stereolab, Trans Am and Slowdive.

Yeah, well... listen. I reckon they'll be over here soon.


She is me (demo version)

I'm not even sure if the tracks are right, my japanese kinda stops at Shogun.


Anonymous said...

links don't work for me (os x 10.3.5, safari 1.2.3). dang. the description sounds enticing. thanks for running one of the best mp3blogs right now!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the press, in case your interested, we have a website http://www.dryfishbutterfly.com. Not much but a blog going on right now, but more coming. . .

twee said...

The links don't work for me either but on the basis of the comparisons (esp DeerHoof the best thing I've been introduced to in the past couple of months) I'm a believer so... So I know I'm just going to be dissapointed just like I was with The Fire Show (perhaps another couple of pinches of the mighty Cow were needed, or at least an oboe and/or bassoon).

Anonymous said...

We've updated our site with mp3's etc. Enjoy.


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