09 August 2004

Wolf Eyes

Wolf Eyes sound like music being ruptured and then sewn back together. Badly. During the surgical thread shortage of '73. In the dark. By someone with a higher finger count than their IQ.

In a good way.

They don't so much play as throb. Sometimes the singer feels like clearing his sinuses and yelling like Alan Bates in The Shout, other times he's content to gurgle away like Rosemary's Baby / or a pre-op Genesis P Orridge.

They release records with titles like 'Stabbed in the face', 'Slicer' 'Dread' and 'Dead Hills' so you know they're not the kind of boys to bring home to tea though there's something about the rather homemade Morphy Richards electronics here that actually makes you think they're probably lovely boys who wear nice sweaters when their grans come to visit, remark on the abuse of grammar in small town shops, chatter over the fence about the decline of the Gold Standard and make walnut bread on Sundays.

And I bet they had one of those make-your-own-radio sets for Christmas.

Piccadilly Records has a load of audio samples to download from most of their releases and here's some full MP3s courtesy of Bulb Records:

Heartbeat City

Give it Up

Black Rows

If these aren't your thing (they're only mine because of all the walnut bread and knitting patterns they keep sending: honestly guysL enough is enough) then why not check out Kid Shirt, a blog which almost makes me nostalgic for Yeovil (ah; the mist coming in from the water at the reservoir, ah; the dead tourists swinging from the trees) and then head over to
Gallifrey One for all the latest news on the new Dr Who series, something I'm rather too ashamed to admit to be looking forward to with anything other than post-modernist irony.

The Daleks could have legs?

1 comment:

kek-w said...

Ah, when you tire of Yeovil; you tire of life itself.

And yes, Wolf Eyes are rather wunnerful, ain't they?

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