27 July 2004

Mick Harvey

I first came across Mick Harvey as part of a Bad Seeds/ Birthday Party addiction back in the late 80s (the residue is still there but I've thankfully kicked trying to copy Nick's hair). From Nick Cave I got interested in the music for torching of Serge Gainsbourg and Jacques Brel (taking in Marc Almond along the way albeit at a safe distance) and then found that Mick was releasing Gainsbourg cover albums in an ouroborotic (?) move that seemed destined to fail. I mean, this guy's a player right but can he sing?

Well, yes. Sort of. Well enough. Yes, he can.

And the albums turned out to be really good.

These two are both from Intoxicated Man.

Mick Harvey - song of slurs is the sort of thing Momus might cover (probably has) but probably felt it was too much like one of his songs and that nobody would know the difference.

Lemon Incest is the creepiest song ever written with the word Lemon in the title. I could be wrong.

BTW, a big thanks goes out to The Mystical Beast for his review of An Idiot's Guide to Dreaming. Much appreciated.


Spoilt Victorian Child said...

Came by Mick harvey exactly the same way... also probably had the same hairdo as you!!!!
Ive got Intoxicated Man and especially love his version of Harley Davidson.
Haven't got Pink Elephants though.
Is it worth a go?



Loki said...

yeah definitely...bit more of a a grower than Intoxicated but I reckon i play it as often now...

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