27 July 2004


I first came across Foetus via Coil's first album Scatology and then because he was part of the Immaculate Consumptive with Nick Cave, Lydia Lunch and Marc Almond - a very temporary sleaze-cabaret axis alliance along the lines of Blazin' Squad or N-Sync.

From then on I can remember buying Foetus 12"s obsessively. Me and my friends (actually one friend, all the rest thought it was utter nonsense) would compete to get the latest one, then spend ages marvelling at the cover, learning the lyrics and sampling bits on our Casio SK-5 samplers so we could make up new versions. Well, maybe not ages.

I loved that sampler. It had about a 1 second sample-time and an excellent lion noise.

Everything about those Foetus 12"s was fantastic: the cover art, the fact that each song was different, that they mostly had great sing-a-long choruses and they always came under a different band name: Foetus Uber Frisco, You've got Foetus on Your Breath, Philip and his Foetus Vibrations, the Foetus All Nude Revue, Foetus Corruptus, Scraping Foetus off the Wheel, Foetus inc, Foetus under glass, Foetus Interruptus and, er, Wiseblood.

True, he is very much an unfashionable name now and he did go a bit alt-metal in a bad period during the mid 90s but I can forgive him that.

Some Foetal news:

The new Foetus studio album, entitled LOVE, will be released in February 2005 on Birdman.

The LOVE LP will be preceded by an EP in October 2004, featuring the track "(not adam)" from the album, plus exclusive remixes of two other tracks from the LOVE release: "Miracle" remixed by Jay Wasco, and "Time Marches On" remixed by Ipecac recording artist End. In addition, a new exclusive non-album song, "Not in Yr Hands", will be included on the EP.

If you're new to Foetus than I'd recommend buying Sink which is a cheapish double with a lot of the original 12" tracks/or remixes (including the classic Bedrock) on it plus a fair amount of his excellently creepy film soundtrack / instrumental stuff.

Here's a few tracks from the Foetus website. Not my favourites particularly but worth a listen anyway.

Dipsomaniac Kiss - from Thaw

Hot Horse - from Hole

Private War / Anything (Viva!) from Nail

Shun - Kid 606 remix - from Blow

Suspect - from Flow

I'll meet you in Poland baby - from Male

BTW, thanks to Radio Babylon for the mention - they've currently posting some skewed psycho-lounge music by the excellent (but new to me) Slipper plus a few tracks by Nobukazu Takemura (wasn't he the one with the no-input sampler that sort of ate itself? or is that someone else?). Also a big thanks for all the kind words from Aum Supreme who have come running out the traps in the blog world with a hazily designed (makes this look rather dreary) blog and some excellently obscure MP3 posts... definitely one to watch.

Bonus Foetus quiz:

Complete the line:

"Say what you mean and.............!"


Spoilt Victorian Child said...

And Say It Mean....
Big Jim fan myself back in the day...
Cheers yet again for posting some great stuff.


Ric8ard said...

Damn! Beaten to the punchline already..

Foetus was (and still is) the man! Foetus and Coil at the Royal Festival Hall a couple of years ago was blinding - the only disappointment was having to get the last _bleeding_ train home and missing the man himself come out in a ridiculous lamé suit and doing an apparently massive version of Anything (Viva!) as the encore.

Jim Thirlwell is massively underrated, and deserves to be given lots of filthy lucre.

"I can do any goddamn thing I want!.." Now _there's_ an anthem!


brother barry borungus said...

During the Foetus Male tour David Ouimet played samples.His band was Motherhead Bug which had Foetus as the executive producer. It is very interesting music which you Foetus fans should check out.

Anonymous said...

I also got into foetus around '84 with the Calamity Crush 12".. got all the other 12"s and then stopped after "Hole" & "Nail" LP's - I loved those albums.. "Thaw" was a bit too agressive and not enough humour/ musicality for me.. His new album "Love" however, is brilliant.

Hehe.. my brother had an SK1..

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