12 July 2004


Cocorosie mix Bessie Smith blues with tin-box drum machines, the odd electric frazzle and plenty of ur-Cabaret style (think Liza Minelli before the problem with the Teleporters and that Salamander)... they also look great in that Will-They-Won't-They, No-Of-Course-They-Won't Tatu chic which is at least something for the Dads.

Yeah, the music is flawed, sometimes aggravating and occasionally the melding of beats with blues ends up sounding more like a decent mash-up rather than anything inherently new but these girls have something which transcends these limitations in the way that Portishead's music couldn't be ruined even when you'd seen Beth Gibbons ridiculous head-in-an-oval-of-rope singing face...

These tracks are all from their site:

By Your Side (my favourite)

Good Friday

Jesus Loves Me


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