10 July 2004

The Knife

The Knife are going to be big, maybe they already are. I just can't resist girls singing ethereal multi-tracked songs about reindeer horns. This track also has the kind of gently rising throb that runs through you like Asian Flu (or, er, Neu), some gently modulating humming from an electrified Bing Crosby (or I guess it could be a Moog) and exactly the kind of analogue ineptitude that gets me right in the throat every time. Seriously, what's not to like? If The Knife aren't soon all over the soundtrack of the latest teen-movie Circle Jerk I'll eat someone else's hat.

Anyway, here's the track...

Christmas Reindeer.

See you in Lapland; I've got a bucket of fried chicken and a half tub of animal tranquilisers with your name on it...

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