13 July 2004

The Cranes

I used to love The Cranes. For a while, they managed to make Goth cool again (and then they went a bit crap).

I remember fondly their first few 12"s - me and my friends huddled around the stereo trying to imagine what Alison Shaw looked like (we'd done the same with Bjork a few years before and got it wrong then as well), ears pricked, dreamy looks on our faces.

One of us still has a dreamy look but Schizophrenia is to blame now and I don't feel Alison Shaw can be held responsible

Later, when they played Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms I had one of those hash and bio-yoghurt inspired epiphanies when I became convinced that she was singing to me, only me, forever me. So distressed by this new found disorder - I found out it was called De Clerambault’s Syndrome as documented in Enduring Love by Ian McEwan - I decided never to buy any of their records again.

The decision took its toll.

When their next record came out I manfully resisted, eventually succumbing to a cathartic slapping of a passing old woman whose surprised, yet strangely understanding and meditative face hitting the corner of the Weymouth John Menzies I can still see in my darkest moments.

I still grieve. Not for the old woman (who was simply accelerated into destiny) but for not buying that record because I think it's deleted now.

Anyway, in honour of my new found independence here's some rare tracks from The Cranes website:

Wings of Joy - from the Forever Free 12".

Happy Xmas (War is Over)

Self Non Self - this is from the free 12" that came with the original Wings of Joy album

Obviously, I haven't actually heard any of these tracks since that fateful day but I'd be interested anyhow in what you think.

JUst don't get sucked in, folks...

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