18 June 2004



I know this is very old now and the bootlegging craze is pretty much on it's last legs but this track remains my favourite boot of all time so I thought I'd dig it out one more time. Enjoy.

Also, check out Psychbloke's ramblings. He posts his daily detritus for your amusement and has a great article on Kendo Nagasaki, some very weird art and plenty to while away the minutes of your lives while you're trying to think of something meaningful to do. And he's very tall.

While you're there, check out Half Man half Biscuit's Breaking News one of my favourite recent(ish) tracks by them.

Sorry Ade, but it was just too good an opportunity to miss.

1 comment:

Psychbloke said...

Well...I suppose you owe me for the classic "Ben is a dog's name" blunder - an event which numbers alongside three other such memories, recollection of which causes me to momentarily stop what I'm doing and adjust whatever I'm wearing around the small of my back. (The other three moments may be blogged, but I'm having trouble tracking down appropriate graphics).

Caroline just thought you were a cheeky bastard.

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