19 June 2004

The Rondelles


Indie-pop today with the Rondelles. This reminds me of all the mid-eighties jangle bands like Talulah Gosh, The Chesterfields and the Shop Assistants. It's like an aural teen-movie and you can almost smell the anoraks.


Like A Prayer



Yeah, the kind of people who listened to this back in the 80s were probably the kind of kids who got their heads jammed in lockers at school but I don't think you should hold that against them. After all, the very same kids are probably now twisted 18 stone pure-muscle misanthropes who've been spending the last 15 years working out in private gyms preparing for revenge. I saw one the other day, cornerning a guy who back then used to wear ski goggles to pretend he was in Front 242 (and now just wears them skiing with the kids): "Still think jangle-pops for poofs eh? Try and take my dinner money now fuck-board. Just try it..."

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Psychbloke said...

Been meaning to comment on this for ages.
I was too fat to do the fey, duffle-coated look - but I could manage sweaty mosh pit with the best of them.
Here's my list of random stream of consciousness recollections concerning The Shop Assistants;
1) They had a song called 'Switzerland' which went, if I recall correctly,: "Switzerland, land of the free, Switzerland, the place to be...."
2) I quite fancied the drummer, who, if I recall correctly, was called Laura. She was a bit short though....
3) They had a Corrs-style "ugly bloke in good looking girl band" type bloke.Except the girls weren't that good looking - except Laura.
4) My mate Pete fell asleep on the floor beneath the stage during one of their gigs.
5) People used to sell crap xeroxed fanzines that smelt like the maps of the UK run off on a bander for geography lessons. One of these was called, if I recall correctly, "Trout Fishing in Leytonstone". Such people probably have blogs these days.
6) The Shop Assistants were, if I recall correctly, part of that C86 scene - they were not featured, however, upon the crap C86 album from the NME. This did however feature a bizarre band with an onomatopaeic (??) name and a Mark Lamarr lookalike frontman who bellowed "How much for that fish!" a lot- I'm sure, Mr Lokey-Blokey, that you will be able to tell me who that was.
7) Also part of this scene were Primal Scream, who flirted with indi-jingle-jangle nonsense before turning into an ace dance/crossover band and The Soup Dragons before they didn't....
8) I saw the above on a creation triple bill with 'Meat Whiplash'. I kept the cover of their first single as I thought it was great (the cover - not the single). Maybe I'll post it some day....
9) Anyone for 'I Almost Prayed' by the Weather Prophets? What about The Brilliant Corners?
10) hey, and 'Waking Up in The Sun' by the Adult Net.....Mr Loki - I demand a Brix Smith post.
11) While I'm here, I might as well ask for a couple of "We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Going To Use It" gigs to be taken into consideration....(Now I definitely did not fancy the drummer there....)
PS. Sorry for all the 'if I recall correctlys" - it was the snakebite and black.

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