18 June 2004

Blotter Acid Art

What is it with acid? Do people really think that the picture on the blotter actually makes a difference. I can remember everyone going into whoops and curls over Purple Ohms or California Sunshines as if the picture actually had a relationship to the strength, veracity or, er, visualness of the LSD within. Was I wrong to be cynical? Do those Ohms make you feel Far-eastern? Do the Scooby Doos make you more likely to get the munchies? And what the hell is an Ohm anyhow? And as for those beardy weirdies that talk about it being double-dipped (man)...what does that mean? Can you have triple dip acid? Quadruple dips? Can you have stuff that's not been dipped at all but just slooshed over a dwarf virgin's thighs?

Maybe The Butthole Surfers can help. They seem like nice boys. A friend lived with Gibby in Austin for a while and said he was an asshole actually but I hardly think that's the point here because, for a brief moment, they were the hottest guitar band on the planet.

And then they went a bit shit.

By the way, if you need Fridge Magnets, even just for those True Romance recreations, then The The Lurid Fridge is as good a place as any.

1 comment:

Psychbloke said...

An Ohm is a measure of resistance.....not sure that moves the conversation along much, but, hey, they don't call me 'Head of Science' for nuthin'.

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