18 June 2004

Mario Winans and A Sucking Chest Wound

Just watched Top of the Pops. Mario Winans - I don't wanna know is Number 1 and one thing is on my mind: most people use samples of records they have, right? So...what are all these hip hop / soul guys doing with Enya records? I've never been to the States but somehow I feel safer if the drive-by shootings are conducted to the sound of Orinocco Flow. Gives them a kinda Robin or Sherwood (the hooded man) mysticism which, as a brit, you can't help find reassuring.

Brings to mind that old adage: a sucking chest wound is just nature's way of telling you to slow down.

Anyway, to take my mind off such matters I've been listening to Speed Mel Moore's homage to the delights of amphetamine abuse ( i think it's a homage, though sounds like he needs some) The Ballad of Patty Hearst, Sue Lloyd and William O'Donell's song-poem about the brainwashed (or was she?) terrorist heiress, both from The American Song Poem Archive and from there I've gradually fallen into a deep and peaceful reverie. Maybe later I'll also listen to my third favourite Mormon song sung by children Janeen Brady's Do You Want to feel Happy? and then I'll revitalise my sapping Capitalist impulses with a last play before bedtime of The Woolworth Managers Work Song

Mmm... don't you feel better after that?

Maybe now you're ready, if you're ever ready, for my favourite anti-Evolution Christian rant The Monkey Song (+bonus track) sung with voices that could cut hair either by an earlier incarnation of Hanson (check out them No, No, Nos...) or by 2 of those weird blonde kids from Village of the Damned.

Thanks for listening, and remember: "i'm no kin to the monkey No NO NO; the monkey's no kin to me Yeah yeah yeah"

Thanks to The Oddball Auditorium for my shameless abuse of all their hard work.

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Psychbloke said...

You have to link to a Mario winans site - you can't just do the good stuff you know.....

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