05 June 2004


The number 23 is one of those enigmas that probably aren't enigmas (more like auto-suggestion or something I guess) but that doesn't stop it being a fun number to spot and investigate. Anyway, i first came across the number 23 by passing a house in Glastonbury (the town not the Festival) with the number painted in huge letters across the whole front...from there I picked up a few hints from William Burrough's Captain Clark nonsense and then onto Throbbing Gristle, Psychic TV and the Temple of Psychic Youth (remember them? you used to see them lurching about at parties, quoting de Sade and trying to sell you plug in electrical stimulators)

Anyway...hit the number23 for one of (i'm sure) many sites out there dealing with these issues...

1 comment:

Psychbloke said...

Amazingly, the words "Sheer nonsense upon stilts" also contain 23 letters.

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