05 June 2004

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury is approaching...

Since I have no ticket and my wife and I spent the best part of 36hrs straight on the phones / net trying to get them I thought I'd just say that, in the spirit of Love and Peace, I hope everyone who does have a ticket has a terrible time. At the very least I'm wishing for a Deluge of mud and rain (maybe frogs) with the associated trenchfoot & autism that all that entails.

Come with me, my brothers, and pray for rain and ruination. Pray for plague and famine. Rejoice in others' misery.

Still on the subject, if you are going then go see the guy with the 'Healing' Pyramid, he's always good for a laugh. Sample conversation (i think this was from about 10 years ago but he's always there, i think, at least he was last time I went - 2 years ago):

"How much?"

"3.50 per 1/2 hr."

"Pretty steep..."

"You want to be healed or not?"

"Mm..kinda need to be...I just spent an hour dancing to Peter Gabriel, thinking it was the Orb..."

"Easy mistake to make."

"Mm. Okay. Can we both go in?"

"Course. That'll be £7.00."

"You said 3.50!"

"Yeah, but there's two of you. Energy doesn't come cheap; you should see what the Orgone Accumulator guy's charging."

"But it's the same energy isn't it?"

Sad shake of the head. "If only it were, my son. If only it were..."

1 comment:

Devil said...

I had my Mini knicked from Glastonbury and my tent slashed, I hope the perps enjoyed the comedy Big Fun t-shirt and the Kenco.
Took me about 10 years to hitch home and I didn't even get laid. Poo to you all.

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