17 March 2014

Eva Bowan

Marking Philosophy essays - on whether its reasonable to imply that discussions about the nature / substance of the world are actually discussions about the nature of ideas - and listening to lots of Eva Bowan stuff. Elegant and beautiful and wispy and not afraid to actually defend itself from the incoming drone and play out... there's a twinkling, human quality to her stuff which I don't hear in most similar things... and it's faerie as hell, too. Fantastic stuff. Don't know anything about her - will dig around later - but it's all thoroughly recommended and possibly wonderful for marking, walking through the forest and slow fucking with a beautiful partner...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I've just stumbled across your blog and have listened to a number of your links. Most I've only managed 30 seconds or so, but I loved the Metamono track - am now off searching for others, thanks.

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