24 March 2014

Bauhaus - Jelly and Marmalade

I liked that these intense Goth guys sang about jelly. Funny, actually, how serious / not serious Bauhaus were. Lighter shades of pale. There was noise and white-light (my cousin went to see them and was blown away) but this Goth still had comical slices right the way through it. In fact, was in part defined by it. In retrospect, like TG / Leonard Cohen / even The Smiths, the humour seems mostly forgotten; perhaps it's a dirty secret, best underplayed, best forgotten because its doesn't fit well / sit well with this classic Rock continuum or other but...

I liked that these poetic skinny white boys, in all their methedrine dread, sang about jelly. In the same way that I like Throbbing Gristle liked Marmalade. Conserves are more important than you think.

Bauhaus - All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

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