21 September 2004

Chris Joss / Peter Bonetti


I first heard Chris Joss via a few sizzlin' 60s Hammond burn-outs over at Scissorkick and I have to say I figured he was an obscure 60s/70s find but digging deeper it turns out he's a 'new' artist (or at least has been chugging out records for the last ten years or so). The music on 'You've been spiked' is unashamedly groovy retro-funk, pushing all the right buttons at all the right times like Jimmy "The Cat" Smith getting down with Jaga Jazzist and the funk-blur organ spins of late period Miles Davis doing an alternative soundtrack to James Bond meets the Mysterons (though waysmoother than that sounds...)

I can't really think of anything sarcastic or intellectual to say about it,. which must be a good thing. If you can, or feel the need to, then it's probably best you go and lie down in a loud bright room for awhile and learn to smile.

I'll bet you didn't like Bring it On either. My post-Rankian 'birth trauma' breakdown review will be forthcoming.

Hear some Chris Joss at his site and then buy some for your next party.

Fuck. I forgot all about Peter Bonetti.

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