22 February 2014

Laibach - Across The Universe & the Pleasure Of Not Knowing

It doesn't happen much now, not with Bandcamp and Souncloud and YouTube and all those sizzling little nuggets of temptation that riddle the pages of the Beep and Boom (TM) online record stores but, somewhere off in the impossible past, it was possible to buy a record that you'd never heard. You might know the band, you might even have heard about it, or at least seen pictures in fanzines but you wouldn't have heard it, not even a bit of it. And even if your friends had heard it they weren't likely to describe it because they understood, perfectly, that just wasn't the point. Hearing even what it was like would be ruining / removing one of the greatest pleasures of owning the damn thing in the first place. For many of the records I owned it was the most pleasurable aspect; the anticipation was all. Yes, you could technically ask to hear it at the counter before you bought it but you didn't because you understood that that pleasure would be forever lost and that sacrifice was generally too great.
Anyway, I bought this record not knowing how it sounded, having heard Laibach but not this Laibach ( a version which should've been around more, which self-evidently couldn't have been around more) and it was just wonderful:

Laibach - Across The Universe

And no, of course I'm not going to try and describe it.

this single is one of the main reasons (there are others) that this missed the mark so spectacularly

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