18 February 2014

FKA Twigs - Water Me

Sexy and dark and light with an attention to psychic(k) detail that shames many of her contemporaries. Was this a massive hit? I'm been off for awhile, not really keeping eyes on balls. It should have been a massive hit, if just for the video, the slight rocking of the head is like female pattern super-sign, a para-reinforcer for... Well, this is the problem (I'm guessing this wasn't a massive hit), this music is broken and fixed, offers a solution as much as a problem and doesn't simply BOOYA shrug and limp off, twerking. And, as such, its perhaps a little unsettling, a feature the video exacerbates (the slow wink is a twitch is a wink). Creepy. Beautiful. Laden. This feels like someone's thoughts.

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