20 February 2014

A Young Person's Guide to The Avant Garde

I've been playing bits of this album to my students in a slightly hate-brained attempt to turn them onto something not entirely shit (limited success but success) and they've reacted variously, as you'd want them too... Not quite a Stravinsky riot (they liked Stravinsky, roughly), not quite a smashed Indestructible Object or a soiled Rothko but... something stirred in some of them and set them falling down new web wormholes (or YouTube wormholes) which I guess is their way of digging around in the Record Library...
It's important to just keep on, I think.

Anyway, long ago this used to be an MP3 Blog of sorts so I thought...

Edgard Varèse - Poème électronique

which accompanied my walk to work today.

And, for a bonus, one track they really liked (i say really liked, I mean they thought was okay / interesting ) was this one. I showed it to them via 2001:

György Ligeti - Atmosphères

And, yeah, you're right. I still haven't got my own goddamn hosting sorted out. It's been, like 12 years man...

1 comment:

Robin Tomens said...

I commend you for trying to rinse their ears out with historical avant-gardism!

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