11 January 2014

Wittgenstein and Burroughs and Turing

Well, it's an elemental trilogy. A Trinity of Holy Wholly Hole-y Homosexuals.

It was superficially this that got me thinking about the (not at all) apparent links between Wittgenstein and Burroughs and, of course, I still haven't got round to this, which seems like a ridiculous lapse on my part since its a great idea and I love Rudy Rucker in general.

And I came to this via an accidental wormhole I found whilst writing the last bits of the new sleeve notes for the new IX Tab album which maybe will be sometime soon.

Plus I found that the picture of Wittgenstein above was taken in my old home of Swansea - Only Dogs Allowed - and that therefore there was a reason for the sudden psychic(k) flowering and Wittgenstein obsessions I've been having recently. I'll probably not explain later.

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