30 December 2013

The Best... Ever

That this exists is the absolute, savage, heart of our world. This is our Capitalism reduced. Absurd and utterly seductive; who could resist the cover, the concept? This is ridiculously now, even in 2009 and we should be ashamed that we let it be. Still, the gleeful malevolence behind this album has to be admired (if you don't see it; you can't fight it), I suppose; the necessary moral contortions and the sheer abandon (the moral compass swings to 'Attachment Issues') must have been hard fought, even if no one can remember fighting (we blame the baby boomers for bypassing the future but we could still use their brains, like John C Lilly thought we could do with dolphin memory traces). In fact, while the likes of Adam Curtis have attempted this kind of moral archaeology (clue: it really is all about 'ritual significance, so even Icke isn't that wrong) other pathways are necessarily undiscovered and it should be a surprise to our future selves when they find out we found the moral past so difficult to ascertain...

I think that's it.

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