31 December 2013

Day Of The Triffids

Watching the original TV series again with my eldest and struck by how much it's about fear of people rather than triffids per se. More so in the TV series than even the novel, despite Wyndham being a Master of people/others horror (cf. The Chrysalids, The Midwich Cuckoos). They really seem to ramp it up in this series. The Utopians are here, of course, and there's glimmers of light in amongst the wreckage - even if there's a kind of Patriarchal assumption/insistence that there ought to be people (just the right kind of people, which seems to imply a kind of terror at the other possibilities of society as well, as if the French Revolution's "we will force them to be free" was just a corridor away). Did no one write the sequel? Is that why we're so lost?

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