05 October 2013

Pill Box

Pill boxes turn to pill boxes eventually (and in between, they turn to pillboxes) but these were the originals, the death-makers. These laid waste, caused countless minor Chapman Brothers atrocities and tiny Hells. The soft click, the release, the flicking death rattle and roll.

Airfix = air fix; the air needs fixing.

I'm thinking too much into this, perhaps but these little death discs, so unlike their real-life counterparts, nevertheless began the clicking soundtrack drums (here come the drums, here come the drums) of IX Tab. And when I was partly messing up the opening track at Hacker Farm's Salvage (more later) it was the sound of the plastic spring-loaded mechanisms inside these little beauties that I could hear, ticking away like a bear-trap clock...

I've been awake for hours.

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