09 September 2013

Petra Glynt

Just started delving into this little psyched wormhole but really liking this stuff... all the right kinds of wooze, like a less self-conscious Not Not Fun artist (she might be genuinely crazy) with the same sideswipes into Dubuffet-like Art Brut and a gentle slurring to the voice and instruments which makes everything stutter slowly... I like particularly that the effects don't feel like effects; this feels relatively unprocessed and, er, true... The little bells on this track remind me of a very old (circa 1986) IX Tab track (when IX Tab was six people, playing antique mandolins, actual cowbells, upside down buckets and metal percussion, penny whistles and effects and wasn't really IX Tab) and the way the vocals build and lose themselves in the drummmmmmmmmm really reminds me of a previous IX Tab member who is one of the voices on Spindle & The Bregnut Tree and still much missed.

Anyway... here and here

And I ought to mention that I found this via here

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