09 July 2013

5th Dimensional Paper Cups

OK. Me, the Hacker Farm boys and maybe Kemper Norton... surely we ought to do a promo identical to this as part of an anniversary (can't think what of yet) celebration? Release a single to go along with it? I know you Hacker guys are kinda busy undermining the mainframe and cutting off the toes of Google and Kemper is psychosurveying the nooks and grannies of Cornish Death Mounds but... C'mon. Maybe a songcircle and dance routine? Draft some local munkins to paint the backdrop, blend in some subliminals, add some fuzz, a bit of smoked bracken and 'is this the kind of mould you can lick?' attitude and... well, it'd have to be a hit wouldn't it?

Do they still have hits?

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