19 June 2013

Kemper Norton on that ther Quiet-us (A Post for Dave)

Kemper Norton is interviewed here, where he eloquently details the tolls and twains that lead to his own slurred version of Folk... well, regulars and locals of these parts (this part) will know his music well enough by now, I'd imagine but there's some interesting titbits scattered around which might help sharpen your appreciation of the work... p

On the other hand I can't believe he didn't mention the true genesis of his sound, which anyone who knew him at Swansea will understand was forged in the psychedelic furnaces and mind-melding headfucks at the edge of Constitution Hill, at streets named for cigarettes, at Rose-hills...

If I mentioned only a few words, a few sad hymns then maybe the young Kemper Norton will remember and rejoice and despair:

The guy who wanted to buy my *** bass *** guitar (but Spacemen 3's Suicide got in the way) ---=== ONLY Dogs allowed ''''' 2 Shamen albums at once ++ watch those squirrels! watch those squirrels! (((Give us back our treees))) "I'm afraid; I'm afraid Dave" --- Charlie from Casualty is watching you --- Edward Scissorhands ^^^^ Is Welsh Twin Peaks language? {{}} \\\ Love's Secret Domain / Stolen and Contaminated Songs --- Alex and his homemade fireworks... IS THAT AN ORANGE LANDROVER, COMING OVER THE HILL? *** Nuclear War Now *** Did someone just kill that ...thing? ///\\\ The Wall in the Botanical Gardens? ((Theresa The Wytch))


Kemper Norton said...

Can't argue with any of that....saving it for the addled autiobiography ! xx

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