01 April 2013

Katie Gately

Well, there's not much here yet but I'm really liking the arbitrariness of Katie Gately, it's almost as if she doesn't know what she's doing...

She does pop in a degraded, hopeful kind of way. In her own words this track "is what happens when you realize you cannot be justin timberlake so you decide to destroy your own work over the course of a sleepless evening in the dirtiest city in the world" and it does sound like this, not Prince dirty but like James Ferraro used to sound like before he got cleaned up by Mumma Dolby (her son, Thomas, looks on, wondering...)

It seems utterly unpretentious too. Like a doodle on a phone pad that somehow comes to life (I think this might have been a Doctor Who Story at some point)

She also does this kind of thing that sounds more like a less well-prepared Lee Gamble (I mean this to be a compliment) and then flutters away and loses sight of itself in little moments of unreasoned noise (actually, disquiet has it right when they suggest 'synth pop turned inside out')

I think I might send her some IX Tab tracks to remix...

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